Human Resources

Human Resources guides the type of culture, employee engagement, and overall talent.  Ideal Planning will work with companies on special projects to help meet your company goals and employee success.  
  1. Human Resource Strategy & Principles
    I will assist you in creating an HR strategy and guiding principles that will align with the needs of your business and your employees.
  2. Performance & Compensation Systems
    I will help create performance evaluation and compensation management systems that lead to engaged, high performing staff.
  3. Recognition & Onboarding Programs
    I will help create or modify both onboarding and recognition programs to support your company values, culture, and HR strategy.
  4. Employee Engagement
    Collaborate to create the right conditions to get the most from employees and ensure their support of your goals and values.
  5. Policy and Time Off
    Whether it is individual policies, personnel handbooks, or time off guides and programs, I can help you achieve your HR goals.
Often Human Resources are not given the attention or resources needed to meet the goals of the company or employees.  Your employees are your most valuable resource so your company strategy and HR programs should reflect that.  It can be the difference between a good and great company.  
Employees are individuals with different needs, ideas, personalities, and experiences.  I will help you consider this in any of the projects or programs you need assistance with.  Ultimately treating employees fairly and with heart makes the difference. 
Whether it is a small project, a larger program, or even multi-year strategy I would work with you and your team to help achieve your goals as a company, not just an HR Department.